Time for Change

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Is it time to make that change?

Life often feels like an elaborate assault course that we must get through.  We find ourselves going round in circles – very, very busy but not getting anywhere.  We talk about endless to do lists, so much to do, so little time, so stressed – the same old phrases reinforcing those thoughts and those patterns of behaviour.

We cram more and more into our days – just one more thing.  Just one more thing before we eat, before we can leave the house, before we head to bed. We just keep pushing ourselves, stretching our boundaries, making ourselves persevere like we’ve signed up to some gruelling challenge.  We push forward feeling that the harder we push we may finally get ourselves to a good place. Then we fall into bed, exhausted, writing a list of things to do tomorrow with our minds spinning!

Sound familiar?

Even though we’re exhausted and life’s not much fun we have done things and ticked things off our never-ending list – that’s good isn’t it? Plus we are still getting through the day aren’t we?  We’re getting by aren’t we?

In fact we are just acting in habitual way doing the same things again and again and wondering why nothing changes. Our habits are hard-wired into our minds and we do them automatically.

Now is a Great Time to Change that Habit

Holidays break that pattern and give us a new perspective. Away from the routine we can see that it’s not fulfilling, it’s not okay and we resolve to do things differently.  We resolve to leave work on time, to eat lunch every day, to read that book, to go back to yoga, not stress about the cleaning.  Yet 3 days after our return to work we’ve forgotten all about this.  The old habit, the old pattern we’ve grown accustomed to just kicks back in and we don’t even notice our good intentions fading away. Use the momentum of wanting to change, having a break from the routine, a change in the seasons and grad the impetus and make that change.

5 Steps to Change a Habit

• Be clear Why you want to make that change. Write it down so you can look back at it if you lose your way.

• Rate how Committed You Are to this change  on a scale of 1-10 on . If you score 8 or less think what you can do to increase your level of commitment.  If you can’t then consider that maybe you don’t want this change enough or you are thinking about it because it’s the “right thing to do.”

• Give your mind a clear instruction. Focus on what you Do Want to Do instead of what you don’t want to do. .
Imagine yourself with this new habit in place.  Imagine yourself doing it, how you’ll do it, when you’ll do it and how you’ll feel with this new habit in place. Do this regularly – each day, several times a day to train your mind that this is something you can do and are doing.
Focus on the Change you want to make.  Old habits are a familiar, easy way of operating – something we do subconsciously.  Keep reminding yourself that you want to do this and you’ll can do this and you will do this.

Be aware that your subconscious mind may resist the change  – it’s used to the old ways and it may think it’s a problem that you are trying to do something different and alert you to this threat by producing adrenaline which makes you feel anxious, alert, a little stressed.  Just be clear and direct with your thoughts on what you do want to do. Recall how you’ll feel when the new habit is just simply the way that you are.

You Can Do This!

You can behave in a different way, think in a different way, respond in a different way to events or certain people. You can establish a new habit.

If you’d like to change your habits – maybe it’s a phobia like flying or to stop biting your nails or maybe it’s about changing the way you think or altering the way you respond to something.  Together we can shift your thinking, change the way you perceive the world and help you cope with life’s ups and downs gracefully, easily. Just get in touch – you’ll be glad you did!