That Back to School Feeling

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Getting that back to school feeling?  That feeling of something is going to happen.  That sense of anticipation, of change, of trepidation.  There is a sense the pace of life is stepping up. The school holidays are over, the roads are busier and people are heading back to work.  There is a feeling in the air – evenings are drawing in, flowers are less bright and more golden and early mornings feel a little cooler.   

Whether you have children at school or not we are attuned to the academic year during the first two decades of our lives and that sense of a new school year with all it brings pervades us in someway.  We can recall that sense of getting ready for school – the level of activity increasing, the buying of new uniform, pens, books, folders etc., the feeling of change or newness. 

Of course that feeling can be different for each of us. Maybe it’s the: – 

  • Expectation of better things to come
  • Promise of a fresh start of new possibilities
  • Sadness that Summer holidays are over and the freedom or adventures are ending
  • Delight of having our familiar routines back again with the comfort that brings
  • Dread that you are heading back to the monotony of familiar routines
  • Anxiety that all you dreamed of in the holidays may not happen and you’ll be sucked back into old ways and old patterns
  • Fear or excitement of having an empty nest come September as your children leave home
  • Ramping back of activities, the increased demands on our time and the traffic
  • Passing of time as children go up a year, change schools, head to 6th Form college or prepare to start at University

Maybe it’s something else?  Yet it can be whatever you want it to be – truly.

Sad or glad – that’s a choice!

Fresh Energy of a new School Year 

Fresh starts can be contagious.  Enthusiasm can be contagious.  Sometimes it’s about creating change and movement and sometimes it’s about capturing the zeitgeist.  Think of it as the energy created by wave moving to the shore picking up pace and you exhilarated by the speed, the pace, the force riding the crest of that wave.  It’s like hitching a ride on the spur of the movement. Capturing the opportunity.

You Always have a Choice

You can push against the feeling of a new beginning, a fresh start or change.  You can choose to harness that momentum to dust yourself down and renewed and revived by the summer weather, the break in routine or even an holiday.  You are ready to make the most of this.

Take Action

  • Buy that new pencil case, purchase an academic year diary, book that evening class
  • Revisit your goals  for the year to check that they still motivate you
  • Write up your new goals based on the hopes, daydreams and ideas that came to you over the Summertime
  • Create a collage of images and words that capture how you want to feel, where you want to be, what you’ll be doing by the end of the year
  • Commit to one small thing you’ll do this week that moves you closer to where you want to be
  • Set a new timetable, a new routine that meets your needs, your requirements, your hopes and dreams.

It’s a Fresh Start……….

If you’d like some support,  some guidance, to focus on dusting yourself down and capturing the momentum of a new academic year to achieve your goals, to make those changes you’ve been dreaming about over the summer I am here to help.  Why not get in touch on 07468 488 980 to explore what’s possible?  You’ll be glad you did!