Frequently asked Questions about Clare at Refreshing Minds

What is hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis. Sounds complicated, doesn’t it? But it isn’t.
Psychotherapy is often referred to as ‘talking therapy. This can be very beneficial in helping clients overcome their difficulties. When used in hypnotherapy its effects are enhanced by the use of hypnosis or trance, which enables your subconscious mind to make beneficial changes whilst you relax.

Are hypnosis and hypnotherapy the same?

No but they are complementary. A hypnotherapist uses hypnosis as a tool within a hypnotherapy session. I use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy and hypnosis forms part of a session.

What is hypnosis or trance?

Hypnosis or trance is simply a state of focused attention. It is a naturally occurring state we all experience frequently throughout the day. If you have ever driven home and realised you’ve no recollection of the journey, or you have been engrossed in an activity and not noticed time passing, you have experienced trance.
My clients often say how ordinary trance feels. It’s a little like daydreaming and you can often hear everything that is being said, hear other noises from outside or drift off with your own thoughts whilst in a deeply relaxed state.
During a session, I’ll guide you towards a natural state of relaxation so you can experience trance for longer. This state of deep relaxation helps you in making the changes you want.

Can I get stuck in a trance?

No – when in trance, you’ll be able to hear other sounds and move around. You can bring yourself back to the present moment and out of trance whenever you want to.

Will you make me cluck like a chicken and do things I don’t want to do?

No! Working with me is about empowering you to take control and find an easier of way of living your life.
During trance, you are in complete control. Hypnosis or trance does not involve the therapist taking control of your mind or making you bark like a dog!
Nobody can make you go into trance against your will. In fact, no-one can make you do anything you do not want to – your subconscious mind would simply reject any suggestions that aren’t appropriate for you.

What type of hypnotherapy do you offer?

I use Solution Focused Hypnotherapy because I feel it offers so much more than people expect.
Provided you are willing to make changes to the way you think, it can be highly effective in: relieving the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression; improving sleep; and eliminating unwanted habits and behaviours.
It can help you find an easier way to cope with modern life and become the person you want to be. It enables you to make the best choices for you and to harness the power of your subconscious mind to achieve your preferred future.

What is Solution Focused Hypnotherapy?

It is a long title for something very simple and powerful.
It is a modern, evidence-based therapy combining a form of psychotherapy called Solution Focused Brief Therapy with some Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and Neuro-linguistic Programming techniques, alongside hypnosis to consolidate the changes you want to achieve. That’s the formal answer!
Very simply put, it is an extremely positive therapy. As the name says, we focus on solutions, not on problems. Instead of dwelling on the past and analysing the causes of your present unhappiness, we focus on the future helping you move from where you are to where you want to be.

What can you help me with?

Hypnotherapy is often understood in the context of conquering fears, such as flying or quitting smoking, or in losing weight but it can be helpful in many other ways too. Solution Focused Hypnotherapy can be highly effective in: relieving the symptoms of stress, anxiety and depression; improving sleep; eliminating unwanted habits and behaviours; and helping you find an easier way of coping with modern life.  Below is a list of some of the more common things people want to work on. It isn’t an exhaustive list – so do feel free to contact me for a free 20-minute telephone consultation to talk through what you want to achieve.

Can you guarantee success?

Although I cannot offer guarantees – as there can never be a 100% guarantee of success – I do have a high success rate in helping my clients reach their goals.
Have a look at some of the kind words my clients have written.

How do I know you are suitably qualified?

I trained with the prestigious Clifton Practice, recognised as a centre of excellence in the UK, achieving their Diploma in Solution Focused Hypnotherapy. I have also been awarded the Hypnotherapy Practitioner Diploma, regarded as the ‘gold standard’ for hypnotherapy in the UK.
I am a Master Practitioner in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), certified by Judith Lowe at PPD Learning and endorsed by John Grinder, a co-creator of NLP.
I am a member of the Association for Solution Focused Hypnotherapy (AfSFH) and registered with the Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council (CNHC), the UK regulator for complementary health practitioners.
I am fully insured and have an enhanced UK government Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) certificate.
I regularly attend supervision and update my knowledge and skills through documented and continuous professional development activities.

Find out more about me, Clare Murchison, on the About Me page.

What can I expect from my first session?

I have a lovely room where we will work and this initial consultation gives you the opportunity to assess if solution focused hypnotherapy feels right for you and if you feel I am the right therapist for you.


We will discuss the issues you want to tackle and what you want to achieve. We’ll talk though how our minds work, how change happens when we really want it to and how solution focused hypnotherapy can help you. Then we look at how we will work together and what number of sessions you’ll potentially benefit from.
You’ll probably find you leave that initial consultation feeling lighter, curious and more able to begin taking control of your future.
I’ll also send you a free relaxation MP3 to listen to each night which helps consolidate the work between your sessions.

What happens in subsequent sessions?

I use a combination of psychotherapy and hypnosis in each session, enabling you to make the changes you want to make and to access the resources and answers you already have within you.
We begin by looking at what has been good and the progress you’re making. We work on creating a more positive, solution-focused mind set, imagining how you want things to be in the future. Next, you’ll identify what small step you are prepared to take to move you closer to where you want to be.
Then it is time for you to relax on the couch –clients say my couch is very comfortable! I’ll guide you towards a relaxed state of hypnosis where your mind can start realising your goals. You’ll leave your session feeling calm, refreshed and positive and ready to embrace your everyday activities.

How long is a session?

Each session lasts 50 – 60 minutes.
The exception is the two-hour quit smoking session.

How many sessions will I need?

You’ll be glad to know that change can happen relatively quickly.
Everyone is unique, so the number of sessions varies by client.

A guide to how many sessions you may potentially need is:

  • Confidence and self-esteem: Six to 12 sessions
  • Depression and anxiety: Eight to 12 sessions
  • Exams and revision: Four to 10 sessions
  • Specific phobias: Four sessions
  • Quit smoking therapy: a single two-hour session.

 During your fist session, we’ll discuss what you want to achieve and the number of sessions you may benefit from.

Where is Clare at Refreshing Minds based?

My practice is in Chertsey, Surrey, very close to the M25 by junction 11.
It’s within easy reach of Chobham, Cobham, Egham, Esher, Hampton, Shepperton, Staines-upon-Thames, Virginia Water, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge and Woking – although I do have clients from further afield, too.

Is it safe for me to drive after a session?

Yes. Trance is deeply relaxing; however, you’ll leave your session feeling calm, positive and refreshed and ready to embrace your everyday activities.

Can I have hypnotherapy when pregnant?

Yes, it is perfectly safe. I’m trained in the Easibirth Method with Sharon Mustard and I completed the self-hypnosis for pregnancy and labour course with the Clifton Practice.
I have successfully worked with women throughout their pregnancies. It is safe and relaxing and can be very helpful for you during your pregnancy and in preparing for the birth of your baby. [LINK TO TOPIC PAGE FOR PREGNANCY]

What is the next step?

You’re probably ready to book your initial consultation, so feel free to give me a call, text, email or use the contact form and I’ll be in touch to book your first appointment.
I offer a free 20-minute phone consultation. This gives you time to ask any questions and gain further clarity about how Solution Focused Hypnotherapy could benefit you. You can ask about how I work and how this would help you in achieving your goals. There is no obligation – it is just an opportunity to chat.
You may choose to explore my website or look at my Clare at Refreshing Minds Facebook page to get more of a flavour of how I work, and what my clients have to say about working with me and then get in touch.
Feel free to just get in touch by phone, text, email or the contact form

How do I book an appointment?

You can contact me by phone, text or email or use the contact form.

What are your fees?
  • Initial consultation (50-60 minutes including a relaxation MP3): £70
  • Subsequent sessions (50-60 minutes): £70 per session
  • Quit smoking therapy (a single120-minute session): £250
What if I want to re-arrange my session?

Life can be unpredictable and sometimes a client may wish to reschedule or cancel an appointment. I ask for 48 hours’ notice, otherwise the full fee is payable.

Get In Touch

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Where is Clare at Refreshing Minds based? 

My practice is in Chertsey, Surrey, very close to the M25 by junction 11.

It’s within easy reach of Chobham, Cobham, Egham, Esher, Hampton, Shepperton, Staines-upon-Thames, Virginia Water, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge and Woking - although I do have clients from further afield, too.

Disclaimer ** Hypnotherapy is effetive however the results may vary and success is not guaranteed.