Sleep Like a Baby

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We all want a Good Night’s Sleep don’t we?

We want to wake in the morning well rested, calm, focused, clear thinking and ready to embrace the day and all it has to offer.

Sleep is something we take for granted until it eludes us. Then we worry about it, stress about it and grumble to others about it. In fact it may become a real drama consuming our precious sleep time and impacting on our day to day activities. When sleep eludes us we are more likely to be stressed, anxious, irritable and running on a short fuse. We may find our mind is a bit foggy, we forget things and we struggle with decision making.

What Stops Us Sleeping Well?

We do! Yes, we stop ourselves sleeping well. We head to bed later than we hoped, with no bedtime routine to prepare our minds and bodies for sleep. We lie there restless, running over events of the day and fretting about all the things we have to do tomorrow. Eventually we fall asleep exhausted only to wake after only a few hours sleep with our minds buzzing with all the things we have to do.

You Always have a Choice

You can choose to make your sleep a priority. Awareness of the importance of sleep for our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing and accepting sleep as a priority is the first step.

Sleep like a Baby

When babies are asleep it’s a joy to see. You can almost sense the peace, the serenity and the goodness of their sleep. Parents know it’s so important for their child to sleep well. When they don’t sleep their immune system is impaired, they are fractious and irritable and they cry and grizzle. No parent wants to have an overtired toddler who becomes a frenzied ball of energy, or gets overwrought easily so instead they make sleep for that child a priority and create a bedtime routine to prepare them for a good night’s sleep.

This bedtime routine when toys are put away, warm bath, PJs popped on, warm milk, a cuddle and a bedtime story. The comfort of a routine that gently removes stimulation and signals to their mind and their body that it’s time to rest, time to sleep. If it works for the youngest humans on the planet, it’ll probably work for older humans too!


10 Tips to for Sleeping like a Baby

• Choose a regular bedtime and put it in your diary and create a routine
• Stop Playing Hard a couple of hours before bedtime. Evening meals, exercise and lists of things to do, emails etc are playing hard
• Start the Wind Down – by doing things that make you calmly happy
• Put all the Toys away. No screens – phone, PC, TV for an hour before bedtime and of course ensure no toys and within reach in the bedroom over-stimulating your senses and upsetting the production of melatonin
• Optimum Temperature for your bedroom so you can sleep and stay asleep
• Reduce Light Levels whether it’s real or artificial light. Dim the lights, use lamps, pull the curtains
• Take a Relaxing Bath it’ll calm you and help you feel cosseted
• Sleepwear signals that sleep is your next activity. Pop on your sleep wear and take comfort in that fluffy dressing gown and cosy slippers
• A Warm Drink so we are nicely hydrated and feeling nurtured
• Time for that Bedtime Story using an actual book or literally listen to a bedtime story by using an audio book.

Sweet Dreams!

If you’d like to sleep better and find yourself happier, calmer, more decisive and able to cope more effectively with life please get in touch for a free phone consultation – you’ll be glad you did!