Are you dragging your past into your future? Are you allowing unhelpful thoughts, memories and patterns of behaviour to occupy your mind now, today? Are you dwelling on the past rather than enjoying your now and focusing on the future?
Nature knows it’s time to let things go. As we watch the leaves drifting to the ground, flowers giving up their petals and plants dying back, winter settling in then we can follow suit.

The Kitchen Sink
We talk about midlife crisis and hormones yet I wonder how much of it is all the things we don’t need that have accumulated over the years. All the memories, thoughts,beliefs, experiences, habits that no longer serve us. As we drag round more and more things we no longer need our load becomes heavier and heavier to bear. We literally feel weighed down. The proverbial kitchen sink comes to mind. We know we don’t need these things yet we still nurture them, reflect on them, analyse them, dwell on them running them over and over in our minds.
Sounding familiar?

Same Old Song
Dwelling on things that have already happened back in the past keeps us stuck in the past. It keeps us playing the same old tune, stuck in a loop, that vicious cycle and wondering why nothing changes. The more we dwell on things the more we imprint the memory, the more it seems to carve it’s self into our minds. When I am helping clients towards achieving their goals we don’t talk about the past instead we focus on the future and how they will feel and what they’ll be doing, seeing and hearing.

The past is in the past. Yesterday has gone and so has the ability to change anything about it. So, let it go!

Let Go of the Memories that are Hindering You 

  • If it is not a helpful memory – let it drift away.
  • Tell your mind you no longer need this on speed dial and it can be archived for good.
  • Visualise yourself letting it go –  perhaps it’ll fly away, drift off with the dandelion seeds or float away with a balloon.
  • Make it a very small black and white picture in your mind’s eye and then just let it fade or disappear.
  • Imagine yourself cutting the ties and letting it turn to dust and blow away on the winds of time.

Let the Go of the Habits that no Longer Serve You
Instead create a new more helpful habit, a more helpful way of responding, of being, of doing.

  • Let the old well-trodden pathway become derelict and overgrown by no longer following that habit and telling yourself you no longer need that habit.
  • Create that new pathway, that new habit for your mind to follow. Imagine yourself with that new habit. Feel it, sense it, practice it in your mind’s eye and feel how it good it is.
  • Practice that new habit consciously until it becomes an automatic response.  It may take a few days or a few weeks. The more you practice it the stronger that habit will grow.

Free Yourself Up by Lightening the Load
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