Improving sleep

What is insomnia?

Many of us suffer from insomnia at some point in our lives. This could be struggling to get to sleep with our minds whirring, waking during the night finding our minds busy and alert or perhaps waking in the early hours unable to return to sleep.

The effects of poor sleep include fatigue, weight gain, low immunity, irritability, reduced decision-making skills and an increased inability to cope with stress. Poor sleep can seriously impair our ability to enjoy life and cope with everyday matters.

Getting the optimum sleep – both in quality and quantity – is essential for our mental and emotional wellbeing.  It’s no fun at all being awake when you are desperately tired your mind whizzing through lists of things to do or anticipating another stressful day. 


How can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help sleep?

Anxiety, worry and stress are often the cause of sleeplessness. Hypnotherapy can help by enabling you to find a different way of thinking about life.  I can work with you to increase your ability to cope more effectively and more easily. We can help you end those long hours of lying awake and instead sleep easily and effortlessly

Hypnotherapy can help you ease insomnia and achieve a restful night’s sleep. That sounds blissful, doesn’t it? Just get in touch to talk it through and we can start to make a difference to your sleep and to your life.

“Clare is empathetic, but also a very acute and effective listener; she really helped me pin down the changes I needed to make to significantly improve the quality of my sleep – oh, the blessing of a good night’s rest….!” – Caroline

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Where is Clare at Refreshing Minds based? 

My practice is in Chertsey, Surrey, very close to the M25 by junction 11.

It’s within easy reach of Chobham, Cobham, Egham, Esher, Hampton, Shepperton, Staines-upon-Thames, Virginia Water, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge and Woking - although I do have clients from further afield, too.

Disclaimer ** Hypnotherapy is effetive however the results may vary and success is not guaranteed.