Declutter Your Mind

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It’s odd isn’t it how we take an age to to get round to clearing out that paperwork, tidying up that drawer, sorting out the garage and decluttering our wardrobe.  Yet, once we start it’s strangely satisfying. It’s quite therapeutic and very rewarding.  We feel really chuffed with ourselves and delighted at the outcome and wondering why we didn’t do it sooner!

Cluttered Minds

It’s not just cupboards and garages that get cluttered with stuff.  We clutter our minds too!  When did you last declutter your mind, clear your thoughts, get rid of those memories and habits you no longer need?  If we allow our mind to fill up with things we longer need we may feel overwhelmed, it may be difficult to make decisions and we find ourselves repeating old patterns of behaviour.

Leave the Past in the Past

Solution Focused Hypnotherapy is one way to declutter your mind and leave the past behind.  The more often we remember something the stronger that memory becomes and the easier it is to access.  We can dwell on things and play them over and over in our minds. We can search for a meaning in a past scenario – scrutinizing it and trying to fathom out why.  We can remind our self how silly we were, how stupid we were to make that mistake – in fact we can dwell on something for minutes, hours, weeks or even years.  Do you remember when you were 10 and everyone laughed at something you did wrong at school?  – see what I mean.  It’s just not helpful to dwell on the past.

You can do this:

Next time that unhelpful, painful or embarrassing memory pops up just flick it away.  You can remind yourself you don’t need it any more, you can tell yourself now is the time to let it go and release the ties that bind it to you. It gets easier to do this the more you practice.

Think you can’t do this?  Think you can’t forget memories?  When I suggest to people that we choose what we remember and we can just let things drift out of their minds they look cynical. So I ask them what they did last Tuesday or on a special day like their 9th birthday and they realise they can’t remember!

 Let Old Ways of Responding Go

We may have unhelpful habits that we knowingly keep hold off.  Sometimes we find ourselves back in a vicious cycle when a thought or a memory triggers a set of responses and we find ourselves behaving in the way we always have.  You can learn new habits. New habits are created when we consciously decide to do things differently.

You can do this:

  • The more we practice the easier it becomes
  • New habits are formed through repetition. As the golfer Gary Player said,  “The more I practice the luckier I become”
  • Decide what you are going to do when x happens rather than what you don’t want to do.  Be clear with yourself how you are going to be, what you are going to do and practice in your mind as often as you want to – think Johnny Wilkinson and kicking converting tries for England.

Picture How you Want Things to Be

With Solution Focused work we aren’t spending time examining the past instead we focus our attention on the future, on how you want things to be.  We acknowledge what’s happened in the past has happened and there is nothing we can do to change it.  Then we look to future and imagine only good things happening to us.

You can do this:

  • Focus on how you want things to be in the future. Imagine how you’ll feel, what you’ll be doing, what you see and hear around you. Really immerse yourself on how you want things to be and give your subconscious mind that clear image to work on.

You’ve got this! 

You can declutter your mind just as you can declutter your dressing table drawer or the garden shed.  All you have decide to do is to start and if you’d like some help please get in touch.

I’d love to help you take back control of your thoughts…..

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