Are you struggling to find a clear way forward?

Just not making progress whilst life passes you by?

Are you fed up with feeling stuck?

Can’t work out where to begin?

Do you feel you have lost your momentum?

Overwhelmed by choices and decisions?

I get that it feels tough. 
Many of us find ourselves in this space. Triggers like a significant birthday, an illness, empty nest or redundancy enable us to pause and take stock. Or perhaps it’s simply that niggling feeling that life could be different, be better. We know we have the resources and capability to get our act together and to make those changes but it can feel so hard. We don’t know where to start.  We worry what others will think. We get conflicting advice. 

 It can feel overwhelming, scary and like walking through treacle.

 It’s easy to end up going round in circles; comparing ourselves unfavourably with others, letting ourselves off the hook, moving back deadlines or just putting up with things. It can feel easier than changing, easier than making a choice. Choices are great but they too can feel overwhelming. Procrastination and inactivity can feel safe but they don’t get us to where to we want to be.  Only getting clear and taking action can do that.
That’s where I come in. I’ll help you determine what’s really important to you, to prioritise your goals and work out how to make your life the best that it can be. 

    What would coaching do for me?

    Coaching helps you to focus, to move forward and to unlock your potential. It’s a great way to achieve change if you don’t therapy.  Coaching is always goal driven and future focused. Personal or professional we help you move forwards.
    It’s not a magic wand and it’s not about tea and sympathy. 

    It’s about:

    • Getting clear on what you want
    • Identifying what’s important to you
    • Taking action to move you forwards.

    It’s about having someone to act as a:

    • Sounding board to bounce those ideas around
    • Cheerleader encouraging you to take those steps
    • Mirror reflecting back to you what’s going on to shed new light.

    It’s an opportunity to:

    • Think out loud and get your thoughts straight in a non judgemental space
    • Explore your options and possibilities
    • Be held to account for making progress and achieving your goals.

    I’ll help you picture the future you want, drill down to what’s important to you, stimulate your thinking and you’ll become clear about the way forward, identifying the steps you’ll take to get you to where you want to be. 
    There is no set formulaic programme if you work with me.  I’ll tailor how we work together to who you are and what you want to achieve.  No two people are the same.  We are all unique so you deserve a unique approach.

    Intrigued?  Reassured?  Excited?
    So don’t hesitate to get in touch and explore how working with me would work for you and help you get to where you want to be. 
    Want some more information?  Please take a look at my Coaching FAQs about how we work, what happens in a session and the fees.