What causes anger?

Anger can be all-consuming – the red mist or that out-of-control feeling. It may be raging, angry words or simply feelings of frustration, irritation or exasperation.

It can apparently appear from nowhere, or be with us constantly like an unwelcome companion. We may be angry with other people or with inanimate objects or even with ourselves!

Anger isn’t something that happens to us.

Anger isn’t something that another person causes us to experience.

Anger is something we create, by the way that we choose to think about things or choose to react.

Anger and frustration can have an adverse effect on our health, relationships, the quality of our lives and emotional wellbeing.  Yet it doesn’t have to be this way.


How can Solution Focused Hypnotherapy help anger?

Anger, no matter how it manifests itself, is a response to a perceived threat. By understanding how we create the anger, frustration and irritability we experience, we can begin to regain control over our thoughts and responses and find a calmer way of coping.

With Solution Focused Hypnotherapy you are encouraged to focus on what is going well in your world, creating a more positive attitude of mind. As you realise you have a choice, you’ll create strategies and habits that encourage you to make the best possible choices for you.  Frustration and irritation will just fade away leaving you calmer and happier.

Why hesitate? Give me a call now and find out how we can work together to uncover the real you – calm, positive, confident and self-assured leaving anger and frustration back in the past where they belong.

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Where is Clare at Refreshing Minds based? 

My practice is in Chertsey, Surrey, very close to the M25 by junction 11.

It’s within easy reach of Chobham, Cobham, Egham, Esher, Hampton, Shepperton, Staines-upon-Thames, Virginia Water, Walton-on-Thames, Weybridge and Woking - although I do have clients from further afield, too.

Disclaimer ** Hypnotherapy is effetive however the results may vary and success is not guaranteed.